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Cunt pumping fest #7

This whore very much wants to try this.

I'd love to see you gaped open as my horse mounts you

That’s big on this cum dumpster’s fantasy bucket list.

So you're into beastiality


Question For My Followers

Would you all like me to address myself as an object in the third person? After all, I’m your slut, so if you’d rather I only call myself whore or fuckmeat, instead of using terms like “I,” then I’ll definitely do that for you.

Do u do requests


A Submission

I am glad to see that whore is back and posting again. Unfortunately whore’s previous exploits seem far to mild for what it truly deserves. Here is a listing of some more appropriate activities I and the rest of your followers expect to see:

  1. Most of whore’s pictures of itself exhibit far too much comfort. A change must be made. The whore will start keeping dry rice at hand. Whenever it it is not actively engaged in an activity, it will find a non-carpeted surface, spread the rice on the floor, and kneel in it until it’s next task. This serves two purposes, the first being the obvious state of discomfort whore will be kept in while kneeling on the hard grain kernels; the second being a consistent source of food for the whore, since before moving on to the next task, it will be cleaning up after itself by licking up and swallowing the rice.
  2. Speaking of whore’s diet, it is clear that whore’s body shape exhibits a clear lack of self discipline. I am sure it is too much to expect that whore owns a treadmill so pony exercises will have to do. It will find the time to do high leg lifts for an hour at a time, every other day. To help the dim witted sow’s mind process this request here are the specifics:
  • whore will find a pair of what would be considered exceedingly high heels, preferably a size too small, and put them on
  • its asshole will be plugged with a tail, as any good sow or pony whore should be. If whore does not possess a plug, a sufficiently girth-y cucumber from its local grocery will do nicely
  • its udders will be bound up tightly with zip ties at their base, and heavy weighted clamps added to its nipples. The whore’s vise-grips from some previous showings would do nicely
  • when these things have been completed it is ready to do its pony exercises. They will consist of high stepping in a tight circle for the duration of an hour. The lowest point on your heel should raise above your knee with EVERY step. whore should keep track of the number of times it failed to lift its heels high enough, as well as the number of times the vise-grips fall (if at all)
  • upon completion of the full  0 minutes of these exercises whore may remove all of its accouterments
  • We hope that whore will not take more weeks to update us with its activities. The neglect of whore’s superiors online is not something that should be taken lightly. A punishment to make whore understand the value of time is in order. So here is what it will do to atone:
    • whore will make ready its udders, binding their base as tightly as it can manage with zip ties. whore’s nipples should be clamped down with sticks and rubber bands. Pencils, chopsticks, tree branches will all suffice.
    • whore’s pussy should be then freshly shaven. A little warm water, a standard safety razor, and some care is all that whore should use. The goal is to make its pussy lips, and inner thighs free of hair and also raw from the shave
    • whore will then insert a phallus, lubricated with icy/hot into its pussy. A dildo would be best, but im sure whore can find a suitable alternative at the grocery with a cucumber or a particularly gnarly gourd. Any extra icy/hot hot will be applied to whore’s pussy lips and its thighs
    • whore will then spread dry rice on the ground to kneel in (see item [1] if the dim whore has forgotten)
    • After kneeling in the rice, whore will place the base of a tapered candle into its asshole, then carefully light the candle (a slower burning candle is better)
    • whore will then put its face to the ground and its ass in the air, remaining in this position until the only part of the candle that remains is the base that it is holding in its asshole. It will take great care to hold the phallus in its pussy. Any slippage should be corrected by pushing it back in and resuming its prior position
    • at the conclusion of this punishment, the phallus can be removed, along with the candle. Per the stipulations in item [1], the rice should then be immediately licked up and consumed. The udder bindings, icy/hot, and dried wax should remain untouched until the next morning as a reminder of whore’s place
  • I found this in my ask box. I don’t know who submitted it, because nothing was listed in my inbox, but it’s amazing. Next time I make a grocery run, I’ll be preparing for this. Any additional details or tasks are welcome!
    Hello, Whore. Describe your filthiest, most humiliating fantasy.

    I’m kneeling, my arms bound behind me, wrist to elbow, and my legs spread as far apart as possible. I’m naked, of course, and holding my mouth open as ordered.
    My Master enters the room with his friends, counting him, there are seven men in the room. We’re in the basement, where it’s cold, so my nipples are hard and the cement floor is making my knees ache. Two of the men come forward and pull me into an easier position for one to fuck my cunt, and the other to fuck my ass. As they begin, a third walks forward to take advantage of my mouth. As this happens, all of the men are commenting on what a worthless piece of fuckmeat I am, and how I’m nothing more than their bitch.
    The first three finish with me, and the next three go, copying what was just finished while my Master watches on, pleased. When all his friends have had a chance to use at least one hole, he tells one of his friends to go get the extra guest. He returns a minute later with a massive German Shepherd. The men push me forewords, holding me in position while the others get the dog to mount me. They all take turns with my mouth while I’m being fucked by the dog, cumming on my face instead of in my mouth.
    When they finish, and the dog is able to disconnect, Master pulls me foreword and into the bathroom to assume the position. I’m locked to the wall, my legs forced open for easy access, and my head constrained by the cone collar. Master tells his friends to use whatever holes they feel like, and to relieve themselves in the cone, which begins just below my lips and comes up to my eyes, creating a bucket for collecting piss. Master tells them all how it works. If I don’t drink, I drown. They all laugh, and three of them start to fill the cone, splashing my face as much as possible.
    They leave then to go watch a game, one or two of them returning to fuck me or piss every so often. I can hear the doorbell ring and more voices as the rest of the party starts to arrive. Soon, I have new visitors. Six more men use my cunt and ass, then continue to fill the cone. I’m forced to gulp down several mouthfuls of piss, which makes them all laugh.
    When the game is over, all the guests visit me one more time, making sure to either help fill the cone or fuck me with the end of a beer bottle for fun. Once they’ve gone, Master releases me from the wall and helps me clean out the cone, making me drink most of what’s left, then taking it off and cleaning myself. I suck him off as a thank you for the party, then I shower to prepare for the next task required of me.

    My tits are throbbing. I don’t know how long I can keep them tied for.


    In honor of my return, I’m tying my tits and clamping them for you guys. If this gets 100 notes in the next twenty minutes, I’ll tighten them until they’re as distended as possible from my body. If this post gets 200 notes, I’ll get dressed and show you how they look bulging out from under a top.

    I’m actually changing the time frame to an hour.
    100 notes - As distended as I can get them
    200 notes - I leave them tied and get dressed to go out
    300 notes - 5 push pins in each nipple
    If we don’t hit the goal, well, there’s always tonight!